More than just capability. Real manufacturing construction experience and proven expertise.

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, RMF Nooter leads the region with a full complement of resources and capabilities for industrial, electrical and mechanical construction. Whether it’s new construction, equipment moving and setting, or maintenance and repair service; our team is committed to completing your project quickly and safely.

Modern markets and the companies that serve them, often need to create a flow of products, parts and assemblies around the clock to meet consumer demand. In this environment, industrial production facilities require a mechanical and electrical contractor that understands the importance of responding to a call in the middle of the night or on holidays and weekends. Uptime is everything to the Plant Manager, Engineering and Production Superintendent. RMF Nooter regularly answers this call!

Leading the region with a full complement of mechanical, electrical, industrial and manufacturing construction capabilities.

We employ over 400 fulltime skilled craftsmen and execute over one million man-hours annually. This volume of work gives RMF Nooter a unique opportunity to identify and retain the most talented workforce in the region.

We have experience in the following industrial, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing construction industries:


  • Post Harvest Production processing
  • Performing work within NFPA OSHA 29.1926.407 – Hazardous (Classified) work environments
  • Ethanol Production Plants: installation and maintenance of bulk material and pneumatic handling systems, dryers, pumps, and motors.
  • Service on control and communication systems, electrical supply, equipment setting, and installation and maintenance of conveyor machinery


  • Paint shops, parts production and assembly plants
  • Service on control and communication systems, electrical supply, equipment setting, and installation and maintenance of conveyor machinery
  • Adherence to your engineering and project criteria while delivering results with minimal disruption

Food & Beverage

  • Portable orbital welding technology on a variety of piping materials, including stainless steel
  • Thorough understanding of solid and liquid handling equipment, bulk storage, food processing, bottling and packaging, plus equipment installation and service


  • Manufacturing and processing; providing service on the installation, repair, and maintenance of furnaces, hot/cold roll mills, slitter, galvanizing and pickling lines, ovens, cool down stations, waste water treatment plants and handling systems.
  • Knowledge of substation installation and maintenance, process line equipment and instrumentation, and general power and lighting round


  • Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) trained resources provide the with safe, quick and complete service
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of material handling equipment, furnaces and kilns

RMF Nooter’s ability to respond to emergency repairs, large or small, is unmatched. We bring more. You can expect our Project Managers to work with a sense of urgency. We assess the situation, and mobilize the best-in-craft skill set to bring your facility back online. More resources, less downtime. That’s the value of RMF Nooter.

More industries. More experience. More resources. That’s what you can expect from RMF Nooter.

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