More certified welders, procedures and technology.

RMF Nooter understands the unique demands placed on those that supply power and water service to our communities and businesses. We know what’s required to keep facilities connected to the distribution system at full capacity. And because we understand those demands and importance of starting and completing utility maintenance and construction, we deliver on time.

With the largest number of full-time certified welders in the region, combined with a full range of in-house services, our organization is configured to quickly respond to emergencies. We are experienced and knowledgeable of the needs that go along with generating energy through Coal, Natural Gas or Wind Turbines. RMF Nooter has become the leading resource that provides more service and better results than any other utility or mechanical construction company.

We employ over 400 fulltime skilled craftsmen and execute over one million man-hours annually. This volume of work gives RMF Nooter a unique ability to identify and retain the most talented workforce in the region.

RMF Nooter’s ability to respond to emergency repairs, large or small, is unmatched. We bring more. You can expect our Project Managers to work with a sense of urgency. We assess the situation, and mobilize the best-in-craft skill set to bring your facility back online. More resources, less downtime. That’s the value of RMF Nooter’s utility maintenance team.

24/7/365. RMF Nooter. Proven experts in the utility maintenance and construction industry.

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