In 2008, The State of Ohio created and implemented one of the most assertive Energy Conservation Bills in the Nation.  Although many of the provisions of the Bill are being revisited, it provided incentives to industry to build and/or buy renewable energy.  RMF Nooter was selected by One Energy LLC in Findlay, Ohio to unload, assemble, set and dress out several megawatt scale wind turbines in middle Ohio.  These turbines are 270 foot hub height machines with 90 foot airfoil blades capable of generating over 1.5 megawatts of energy, each, in the right atmospheric conditions.  One Energy LLC chose RMF Nooter because of its Safety Program, Quality and On-time project schedule deliveries.

These turbines at Amazon Central US, Marathon Petroleum, Whirlpool, Ball Corporation, Honda Motor of America, Cooper Farms and Havilland Plastics represent examples of RMF Nooter’s interest in promoting and constructing new generation sources in the area.

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